Dr. Suryanti, S.P., M.P.

Agricultural Mycology
Seed Pathology
• Indonesian Phytopathological Society (PFI)

• suryanti.faperta@ugm.ac.id
• suryanti@faperta.ugm.ac.id

Lecture Subjects
• Seed Pathology (S1)
• Fundamental of Plant Protection (S-1)
• Fundamental of Plant Disease (S-1)
• Agricultural Mycology (S-1)
• Plant Pathology (S-1)
• Plant Quarantine (S-1)
• Post Harvest Disease (S-2)
• Integrated control of plant pathogen (S2)
• Mycology (S2)

Research & Extension Interest
• Fungal soil borne pathogen
• Fungi as biological control agents
• Seed pathology
• Post Harvest Disease


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