Prof.Dr.Ir. Susamto S., M.Sc.

Plant Virology

Academic Carrer and Professional Attainment

  • Ir. (Plant Pathology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, 1979)
  • M.Sc. (Plant Pathology; Saga University, Japan, 1983)
  • Ph.D. (Agric.; Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan, 1990)
  • Post DOC (Visiting Scientist, Saga University, Japan, 1991)
  • Professor in Plant Pathology (Universitas Gadjah Mada, 2003)

The Indonesian Phytopathological Society (Secretary: 1991-1993 & Secretary General: 1996-2001)
The Asian Association of Society for Plant Pathology (Vice President: 2000-2007 & President: 2008-2011)

Work Experience

1981-2003: Lecturer in Plant Pathology

2003-present: Professor in Plant Pathology

1990-1993: Chairman of Laboratory Plant Virology

1996-2000: Chairman of Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology

1997-2001: Director of Central for Japanese Study

1995-2000: Chairman of Laboratory of Agricultural Biotechnology

1996-2000: Assistance Director of PIU-OECF (JBIC) Project

2000-2008: Dean Faculty of Agriculture

2011-2013: Board of Trustees UGM (Member)

2012-2014: Board of Professor UGM Chairman

2009-2017: Board of Advisory Gadjah Mada University Cultural Centre (Dewan Pembina Pusat Kebudayaan Universitas Gadjah Mada)



Lecture Subjects
•Introduction to Agriculture Science (S1)
• Fundamental on Plant Pathology (S-1)
• Fundamental on Plant Protection  (S-1)
• Introduction to Insect Pathology (S-1)
• Introduction to Plant Virology (S-1)
• Fundamental Virology (S2)
• Advance Plant Virology (S-2)
• Advance Plant Pathology (S-2)

  • Biotechnology for Crop Protection (S-2)
  • Philosophy of Science and Riset (S-2)

Research & Extension Interest
• Immunological Techniques for Rapid Detection of Plant Virus
• Diagnosis of Plant Virus
• Study an Antiviral Subtances from Tropical Plants


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Scientific Posters


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• Identification virus on cocoa, sugarcane, rice, and banana
• Inhibitory activity of extract of several tropical plants on plant virus infection

Note: *) in Indonesia language