Eksplorasi Serangga Goa

Around 24 students, 4 co-asistant, 2 lecturer, from our department, orgnised excursion about entomology on September 4-5, 2015 here at Kiskendo cave in Jogjakarta. The place is the strict nature reserve or protected area which is conservation area site.

Figure 1. Kiskendo cave

There were may sea before 10 million years ago. At present we could see the see bed there. This is managed as the historic and natural site.

Figure 2. Observation of insects inside the cave

Figure 3. Ant (Myrmicaria sp.)

Every student had to be collect and identify some insect species around the cave to the Family level and the common species to the Genus level, such as Myrmicaria spp., Cyrtodiopsis spp. and cave cricket.